Who are we?


The True Storytelling concept was founded by David Boje, US, Jens Larsen, Denmark, and Lena Bruun, Denmark, back in 2016. And in 2020 together with professor Grace Ann Rosile, The True Storytelling Institute™ was founded.

From left: Jens Larsen, David Boje, Lena Bruun
Grace Ann Rosile

Jens Larsen is a storyteller researcher and executive coach and consultant working with companies and organisations on leadership, the UN goals and sustainability. He has written books about ethical coaching, storytelling and leadership. He is an expert in Scandinavian Leadership and way of life and a founder of Old Friends Industries. Jens has worked with leaders from Scandinavian brands like IKEA, Novo Nordisk, Mærsk etc.
Contact: oldfriendsindustries@gmail.com or +45 2892 2097

Lena Bruun is an experienced Leader, Coach and Change Agent. She has co-created the National Geographic prize-winning museum for youth culture and music in Denmark, Ragnarock, and works with sustainable organisational and personal development. Clients include festivals, creative and socioeconomic co-ops, and music and art companies.
Contact: lenabruunjensen@gmail.com +45 5359 1966

David Boje is Regents Professor at New Mexico State, & honorary doctorate, Aalborg University and a co-founder of True Storytelling. He has studied storytelling process for 37 years. He writes books and research articles about storytelling methods.
Contact: davidboje@gmail.com

Grace Ann Rosile is founder of Horse Sense At Work, and emeritus full professor at New Mexico State University. Rosile is a pioneer in ‘ensemble leadership’ theory and practice. https://horsesenseatwork.com
Contact: garosile@nmsu.edu

If you have a question to either one of us, feel free to use the form below to get in touch.