What’s in it for me?

The True Storytelling Method & Mindset

True Storytelling is both a method and a mindset which can help you to create commitment and ownership for strategies and sustainable changes and help you to become more true to yourself.

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Develop and create truth

True Storytelling can help develop your own true story as a leader. It can create a truer and more sustainable organisation or company. It can help heal racism.


Praise for our book “True Storytelling: Seven Principles For An Ethical and Sustainable Change-Management Strategy”, Routledge, September 2020.:

A book with the potential to bring forward an evolution in the way organizational change is viewed to create a new mindset of balance – personal, economic, and ecological. Change is all around us; understanding and utilizing the seven principles detailed in this work through the powerful tool of True Storytelling can have a profoundly positive effect when dealing with change.

Dr. Jim Sibel, CFO and business owner, USA

“After being introduced to the True Storytelling principles at the certificate program I have embraced it in my entire life both personally and professionally. I set daily goals, I wake up every morning with a firm decision to make each day count. I interact now with people listening to all what they say and the silence in between us that brings so much nurture to every relation and person I encounter.”

Anne-Marie Hall, founder, Amazing Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark