This is a listing of all current modules that are part of our certificate programs. Feel free to reach out to us with questions.

1. True Storytelling Ethics Foundations ©TSI  

2. Organizational Development & Change ©TSI

3. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion ©TSI

4. True Sustainability ©TSI

5. True Communication ©TSI

6. True Storytelling Innovation and Entrepreneurship ©TSI

7. True Storytelling for Ethical Administration ©TSI

8. Ensemble Leadership Module ©TSI

9. Worker Driven Corporate Social Responsibility©TSI

10. True Sustainability Beyond Sustainability Theater©

11. Conversational Storytelling Interviewing ©TSI

12. Process Consulting Module ©TSI

13. True Storytelling Coaching Module©TSI

14. Startup Module©TSI

15. Quantum Storytelling Consulting©TSI

16. Attunement to Quantum Energy Fields ©TSI

17. Self-Correcting Research & Intervention Methods ©TSI

18. Antenarrative Module©TSI

19. Multifractal Consultation ©TSI