Grow your Organisation

“After being introduced to the True Storytelling principles at the certificate program I have embraced it in my entire life both personally and professionally. I set daily goals, I wake up every morning with a firm decision to make each day count. I interact now with people listening to all what they say and the silence in between us that brings so much nurture to every relation and person I encounter.”

Anne-Marie Hall, founder, Amazing Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark

True Storytelling can help your own clients overcome the fragmentation of their life, and find the clarity of insight to attain True Storytelling wholeness in organisations and communities smitten by the ‘story of separation. We live in a time of transition, and are in-between story of separation and the potentiality for a story of wholeness.

How can you and your organization see that you are a certified True Storyteller?
1. You create value and energy for yourself and the people you work with utilizing your storytelling skills to create or enhance sustainable changes, innovation, and new business.
2. You can navigate and unfold complexity because you have insight in quantum physics and indeginous ways of knowing allowing you to see new possibilities and equipping you to change the flow of interactive energy.
3. You are able to reduce and manage stress, enhancing your ability to deal with resistance because you act from ethics and what is best for the organization, community, and Earth, rather than from   feelings and power.
4. You have a complex insight in storytelling on different levels in the organization or community and know how to create sustainable changes allowing you to enhance and create business.
5. You can facilitate storytelling conversations with groups and teams to create commitment and a more caring environment.
6. You can create commitment to sustainable changes grounded in nature and wellbeing.
7. You create joy and creativity among the people you work with which leads to new ideas, greater networks, and expanded business functionality and opportunity.