True Storytelling Foundation Course

Special Announcement ‘Ethics Foundation Module’ will be offered by Professor Ken Long.

True Storytelling builds a bridge between strategic situation and the longing for meaning of the people as the basis of ethical strategy. The Ethical Strategy is agile/flexible planning with co-inquiry.

To become a True Storyteller is to become adapt in navigating between organisational goals and collective meaningfulness in an ethical way.

We will help you reach your potential as a leader or expert in this process, including the introduction of a path towards a common understanding of the Situation, Strategy and Basis you are presently in.

Our enterprise services include include documentation, goals, language, and staging to achieve passion/motivation, values, and meaning.

We offer a range of different modules to suit your personal and business needs, including topics as:

True Storytelling Ethics Foundation Module

Organisational Development & Change (ODC) Module

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Module

True Sustainability

Ensemble Leadership – Leading together

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