What is True Storytelling?

It’s Not About Living a Good Life But a True Life” – Kierkegaard

    What is True Storytelling? Amidst the noise and cacophonous business storytelling, our mission is to get closer to answering basic existential questions; How to live an ethical life? How to be truthful in organisations that too often are not?  How to overcome estrangement from our own self, from nature, from one-another and from the meaning of life? This is captured in the words of Danish philosopher, Søren Aabye Kierkegaard:

“The truth is what ennobles” – Kierkegaard

True Storytelling seeks to engage with many other paths to the Greek Square (True, Beautiful, Just and Good life). Our True Storytelling Principles do this by making room for overcoming what is fake storytelling. Beyond making space for engagement with others, we have found that True Storytelling conversations can help bridge divides where this is possible, without compromising one’s own truth.
    “Our Storytelling is perfectly designed in the media and education to produce the results of unsustainable thoughts, actions, habits, character and destiny of the downward sustainability spiral we are getting here and now. To change our destiny we need a better quantum storytelling by people in all kinds of organisations that organise to stop fooling us with grand narratives of so-called sustainable results. Instead we actually need to put sustainable thoughts into sustainable actions, make them habits, so that our character is answerable to the ‘reality’ of material ecological conditions that we are producing by our habits of food, housing, transport, and energy. Only then will we change to a sustainable destiny” David Boje

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